China has passed into law a three-child policy last month, raising the permitted limit on family sizes.

The government of the Asian nation made this decision due to the looming demographic crisis going on in the country.

At the moment, the situation has resulted into the offering of cash incentives to increase the birth rate in some places since many couples are refusing to expand their families.

A very good example is a village called Huangzhugen, located in Lianjiang city in southern Guangdong province. They are ready to pay permanent residents up to $510 a month for babies born after September 1, state-run tabloid Global Times reports.

Monthly subsidy is another benefit families also have at their disposal to enjoy. They will receive it until their babies turn 2 and a half years old

In total, it is will be more than more than $15,000 in total per baby.

Considering the income of the average annual income of a persons in Lianjiang, it has been recorded in a reliable data  that $3,295 was received by per person in 2019.

According to a local newspaper, Zhanjiang, it was reported that the subsidies, worth several million yuan in total, were donated by a wealthy man in the village.