The move is the Communist Party’s latest attempt to reverse declining birth-rates and avert a population crisis, but experts say it is woefully inadequate.

The two-child policy in China might come to an end after the country disclosed that it will allow couples to have three children up from two.

The development which experts say is woefully inadequate is in line with the communist party’s latest attempt to reverse declining birth-rates and avert population crisis.

According to China, the reason the two-child policy should come to an end is to avert demographic crisis and boost the country’s declining birth rates.

With this, it becomes so obvious that the world’s most restrictive family planning policies, is experiencing a shift.

The effect of this policy may not be a positive one for China because the labour pool is shrinking and the population is gradually diminishing.

In this case, the industrial strategy that China has used for decades to emerge from poverty to become an economic powerhouse is under threat.

Meanwhile, it is a different story for local officials in some areas, as it had been tacitly allowing couples to have three children.