Three traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products has been approved by China for sale to help treat Covid-19.

This development was announced on Wednesday by the government’s National Medical Products Administration.

It was disclosed in a statement that the agency used a special approval procedure to green-light the three products, which “provide more options for Covid-19 treatment.”

The statement also said, the herbal products come in granular form and trace their origins to “ancient Chinese prescriptions.”

It has also been recorded that they were “screened by many academics and experts on the front line.”  They were developed from TCM remedies that had been used early in the pandemic.

The statement also read: The three products are “lung-clearing and detoxing granules,” “dampness-resolving and detoxing granules,” and “lung-diffusing and detoxing granules,”

Meanwhile, a debate in the safety and effectiveness of TCM is still on in China. It has both adherents and skeptics.

Going memory lane, many of the remedies in TCM have been in use for hundreds of years but critics argue that there is no verifiable scientific evidence to support their supposed benefits.