The 2018 Lagos Fashion Week has come and gone, leaving behind moments of glamour and unforgettable experiences.

The Lagos Fashion Week can not be narrated without the activities and personalities that graced the event.

On the entertainment segment of the fast rising show, “Page 3”, activities that made up the event was: interesting interviews with notable celebrities and their beautiful outlook, captivating runways, and the fascinating photography session all made a compelling show.

The event started up with live interviews from notable personalities, airing their views about what they expect to see as the event commences.


As for Ozinna, a fashion expert, she shared her view concerning her colourful outlook, stressing that her style of dress called Tonga, was an inspiration from Beyonce’s dress.

Another fashion enthusiast Yvonne, expressed her joy putting on a dress made by her friend Chioma, who said she could not wait to see her best designer, Style Temperatures on the run way.

One known brand and celebrity Kelechi Amadi represented the photography profession at the event as he expressed his professional views about the saying his job was to create lively moments of the event in memorable pictures.

Look below for inspiring pictures at the Lagos Fashion Week.