A teenager Divina Maloum from Cameroon has won a children’s international peace prize.

The fourteen-year-old’s outstanding work which is cantered on young people who have suffered extremist violence, especially in the northern part of her country made her win the award.

Reports from BBC Africa revealed that, a Dutch organisation, KidsRights awarded Divina the prize.

According to the organisation, its interest is that,  it wants children to be recognised for their efforts to improve their own situation.

Another person who grabbed an award alongside Divina is environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Another feat that has made Divina stand out was her idea of initiating the Children for Peace movement to work with child victims of terror, in 2014.

Divina did not only stop at that, but took her message of children’s rights to communities within her reach, in Cameroon.

In order to encourage children, Divina talk to them about their rights and tell them that they do not have to be drawn into the violence.

Source: BBC Africa