Philip Atume

Mr. Adetokunbo Mumuni, has disclosed that South Africa, with about a quarter of Nigeria’s population is producing 40,000 megawatts of electricity, compared to Nigeria’s that fluctuates between 4,000 and 5, 000 megawatts.

The Executive Director of SERAP (Socio Economic Rights Accountability Project) said on “Today on STV” that a multidimensional problem exists and it is tied to successive governments’ nonchalant attitude and leap service to the nation.

He said, “one of the multidimensional problems is when you say you want to change things from what it used to be, there are elements called cabal that are benefiting from what the position was, before you introduced a new policy and they would attempt to frustrate whatever you want to do”.

He also said, “commitment from the government of the day matters because a clear mind must be established and when you say you want to introduce a policy, monitor the implementation of the policy, and be ready to take to part, whoever is a clog in the wheel of progress and that has not been forth coming in the last three administrations”.

He narrowed an example of the multidimensional problem to the statement of the former minister of power, late chief Bola Ige: “in six months, power will be a thing of the past” and the present minister of power, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola: “a responsible person will fix power in six months”.

Talking about corruption as another problem in the power sector, he said corruption is all pervading in the power sector; it cannot be limited to a particular department and it is practically reflected in privatization. He said, “If you say you privatize a particular sector, we should be able to benefit from the privatization”

Reacting to calls from contributors on the programmme, he said, “progress has not been made and it is tied to lack of monitoring what government says it will do. We are where we are and things are not moving properly”.

He also said, “Government should do their due diligence when they sign a contract, they should carry it out because when it is not carried out, the money that has been spent on that project would not be accounted for and no one would be held responsible.”

In proffering a solution to the problem of corruption in the power sector, he said in his concluding words that, “a government properly established, duly voted for, and assigned power and responsibility, has in its arsenal to deal with any cabal it wants to deal with. And all those that have embezzled money in the power sector should be summoned.