American financial services company, Robinhood Markets Inc. is eliminating digital confetti from its trading app.

The company, which is known for development of application for cash management such as stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, and cryptocurrency, with this development, is working to correct concerns from critics, as it moves forward with plans to go public.

In recent months, Robinhood’s digital confetti has become a point of contention for the brokerage. It also has a history of raining down on users’ screens to celebrate occasions such as making a first trade.

The aim of Robinhood headquartered in Menlo Park California,  is to get rid of the confetti animation that appears on users’ screens after they conduct their first trade and achieve other milestones.

Part of the real issue is that there has been growing scrutiny over what critics say is a gamification of trading that masks the potential for real losses in the financial markets.

The company said,  the design changes, announced in a blog post Wednesday, will roll out next week as part of “new, dynamic visual experiences that cheer on customers through the milestones in their financial journeys.”