Electricity consumers in Nigeria have lamented on Wednesday the delay by the distribution companies in reverting to the old rates.

This development was against the backdrop of the suspension by the Federal Government concerning the recent electricity tariff hike.

According to The Punch the Federal Government had, in a meeting with the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress held on Sunday night till Monday morning, agreed to suspend the recent tariff hike approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission for two weeks.

In the meeting, the parties also agreed to set up a technical committee comprising ministries, departments and agencies of government, NLC and TUC.

The agreement was to also to work for two weeks, effective September 28, to examine the justifications for the new policy ‘in view of the need for the validation of the basis for the new cost-reflective tariff as a result of the conflicting information from the fields which appeared different from the data presented to justify the new policy by NERC; metering deployment, challenges, timeline for massive rollout’.

To this end, an order has been issued by NERC on Tuesday to the Discos suspending the recent review in tariffs for 14 days, effective September 28, in line with the Federal Government’s agreement with labour unions.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed during the suspension that all tariffs shall be computed on the rates applicable.