Passengers who patronized domestic flights in Lagos and Abuja on Wednesday after resumption of local flight operations have expressed mixed feelings.

This development has occurred after the easing of the coronavirus lockdown occurred, as travellers have waited to fly for the first time since March 23, The Punch Reports.

Flight activities are gradually, returning to the airports which are obviously the reason not many were pleased with coming in early and being delayed before flying.

The passengers are not pleased with the situation because they braved all odds to be at the terminals on time in order to get on with their flights.

Expressing their views concerning the situation, a couple of passengers at GAT terminal in Lagos said they came three hours before their scheduled flights in tandem with the provisions of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria rules.

Another passenger Aminu Sumaila, a businessman who also commented on the issue, said he came in quite early to observe all mandatory procedures.

As for Elvis Okonkwo who was also flying from Lagos to Abuja, said he was not pleased with coming in very early for his flight.

He said, “I was here 8am but my flight is by 11am. The process was very inconvenient due to transportation.”