A mechanic who was born blind, Emeka Abugu has claimed to be the best and most reliable in  Enugu, the South-eastern part of Nigeria.

According to BBC Igbo, it was reported that, Emeka who is known as a Vulcanizer, and Mechanic was who became blind due to untreated measles as a child.

Thirty seven year-old Emeka, said  he’s the most reliable mechanic in his community in Enugu Ezike, south-eastern Nigeria.

Despite losing his sight, Emeka still went ahead to learn the trade despite losing his sight.

On the services Emeka renders for his clients, BBC Reports that he looses, patch, pumb, tighten and service motorcycle carburettors.

On how Emeka became blind and established his workshop for business, he said,  “I lost my two eyes when I was a kid to untreated cases of measles and other diseases.

My father was a bicycle repairer and I spent so much time in his workshop where I gradually learnt the works of patching bicycle tyres despite my challenges.

” However, when I mastered the acts after spending over ten years with my father, I decided to go into motorcycle repairing and spent many years as a result of my blindness.

Today, I can not only render vulcanizing services, I can equally service motorcycle carburetors and other mechanical works”.

Concerning his family, Emeka said, “I lost my sight but not my ‘manhood’, moreover, my wife delivered two sets of twins.”