The International Labour Reward, (ILR) a new and unique business platform has been launched on Saturday 16 November, at the Excellence Hotel Ogba Ikeja Lagos.

During the launch of the business platform, the technical consultant Akeem Abdulkareem, revealed that, ILR is an initiative that revolves round people’s lifestyle whereby for every transaction one does, he will get rewarded, accordingly.

Speaking further, Akeem said ILR is an organisation that venture into so many sectors, like real estate, Agriculture, e-commerce, recharge services, loan, investment etc. in such a way that there is cooperative society.

Highlighting some reasons why customers need to subscribe to the business platform, Akeem revealed that they have to come up with an app to ensure that people get rewarded accordingly.

Other benefits according to him are: ILR provides financial freedom, has end to end payment process as the payment system don’t require any bank, a customer can send money from his wallet to other accounts, anywhere in the world, referring it to be end to end transaction.

Akeem also said, ‘‘there are so many modules in the app just like the one leg system, which is one of the selling point in financial technology solutions whereby the customer can fund their wallet using their bank system card, and from the wallet they can carry out series of transaction, send money to other beneficiary in any bank in Nigeria and can be used to purchase airtime, update payments

It is also a good reporting system because at any point in time the organisation would want to get report at a glance in terms of performance and reach out capability to customers and member’’.

On the reward system,  he stated that, it is seamless, and have other benefits such as registration bonus, transaction bonus and company’s  incentive product.

According to another ILR personnel, the registration bonus is a package which comes from the customer’s team of first generation to 16 th generation, stressing that a customer will continue to earn bonuses on members registration from 1 st generation to 16 th generation of his team.

As for the transaction bonus, it was stated that for every transaction that occurs in the system, irrespective of location or country of transactions, earnings take place.

Opportunity was given to for questions and answer during the launch as it was it was established by the moderator that ILR is not a multilevel marketing and networking platform. He also encouraged people to start by downloading the ILR app, with N3,000.00 naira and get the ATM card.