In every country where businesses are emerging, especially the small and medium businesses; regardless of the inherent impediments to business generally; the need to acknowledge the brains, potentials and strategies behind the business always come forth

This is so because the need for expansion which in turn gives rise to economic developments comes because, it has been discovered over time that the strength of every nation lies in the viability of its economy.

Today, from all indication, the Nigerian business sphere is gradually and practically displaying some level of potentials like job creation, which its citizenry are gradually benefiting from.

To this extent, to expand this feat, business technocrats/appraisers like Business day over time have been able to identify the efforts of some business experts in some industries and sectors.

One major example of this effort is the emergence of the Business day Awards: Top 25 CEOs and Next Bulls Award which acknowledges the efforts of businesses and their CEOs.

Speaking as guests on ‘Today On STV’, the MDs of Halogen security company Wale Olaoye and Adeniyi Adenubi of DFD Group shared their knowledge about the growth so far in business in Nigeria today.

Elaborating on the ‘Business day awards’ which showcases CEOs in the nation, that the youths should look up to, the Nigerian Stock Exchange and Business day have nominated their companies for the next bulls Award.

The MD of Halogen Security Company also stated that, the award is about encouraging young people to go into business, emphasising on how they started very some before, having 20,000 staff.

Mr Olaoye also said they are working in partnership with OAU, and the aim is to transform the industry to empower Nigerians.

The event, Top 25 CEOs and next Bulls Award, comes up on Friday May 10, 2019.

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