Former Special Adviser to the former president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri said Nigeria is the headquarters of poverty in the world.

Speaking on skype as a guest on ‘’News Hub’’, the former special adviser said, in 2007 Buhari ran against a fellow northerner and did not just lost in the north, but in Katsina his own state, Daura.

He stated that history has it that, if the elections are free and fair Buhari is going to lose, because he has performed so badly.

When asked if his views will be considered because of the distance, and won’t be taken seriously, he said he may be far away but more connected to Nigeria, saying he has informants on ground, giving examples that he Buhari said he has defeated Boko Haram, but he stated that they still attacked the place recently which he is very aware of.

The former special adviser also said In Nigeria, many political books have been written, but have not been best sellers, mentioning Mallam El Nasiru Rufai, as one of those people, saying that his book has received the award of best seller.

Concerning election, he said elections have always been floored, saying that Buhari does not have captive audience that believe in him.

In the topic of poverty, he said Buhari has not dealt with poverty, calling him an inept, completely clueless man who should be booted out of power.

Going memory lane, Reno said in Nigeria, there is an emergency right now, saying that Nigeria that was the third fastest growing economy in the world in 2015 , is now the headquarters of poverty.

He also revealed he is not afraid of Muhammadu Buhari, because he has to say the truth and if he is killed for the truth, he has made right with God and will meet his creator.

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