Renowned American actor, Bruce Willis has been told to leave a pharmacy for not wearing mask.

This development is has been circulating the airwaves, especially because of the Happenings around the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, Jan. 11, Bruce was walking around the aisles without a mask, prompting “upset” shoppers to report him to management. According to E! News the Die Hard actor was asked to leave a Los Angeles Rite Aid pharmacy because he was not wearing a mask.

When an employee approached him with the request to cover his face with a green bandana that was tied around his neck, Bruce gave her a “disgruntled” look and left without purchasing anything.

In reaction to the occurrence, celebrities like Dylan Minette and Spencer Pratt have made comments about the star for not wearing a mask since there is a surge of COVID-19 cases in L.A. County, while Photos of the encounter are going viral.

The  Hills alum tweeted,” Really bout that ‘Die Hard’ brand,” while Dylan simply said, “F–k Bruce Willis.”

Meanwhile, CNN anchor Jake Tapper also addressed Bruce going mask free on Twitter, poking fun at one of the actor’s least applauded films. Jake quipped, “And you thought Hudson Hawk was bad.”