Moments after calling the prime minister a “racist”, London rapper Dave clinched album of the year at the Brits.

His provocative, personal album Psychodrama, which also won last year’s Mercury Prize, made the talented star grab the night’s main award.

According to BBC, Dave’s fiery performance of the single Black stole the show.

Dave who became concerned about government said, “The truth is our prime minister is a real racist”. He used his written verse, to call out the government response to Grenfell.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, home Secretary Priti Patel said, “I don’t know how much Dave knows about the prime minister and whether he actually has met the prime minister or knows the prime minister.

“I work with the prime minister, I know Boris Johnson very well, no way is he a racist, so I think that is a completely wrong comment and it’s the wrong assertion to make against our prime minister.”

In response to Dave’s statement, Downing Street said it wouldn’t comment on Dave’s remarks.

Dave did not stop at that, but went ahead to the attack the tabloid coverage of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and paid tribute to London Bridge terror attack victim Jack Merritt.