By Ijeoma Tagbo

Dennis Amachree is a security consultant. He took a look at the current security situation in the country, especially in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency. He was a guest on “Today On STV”, giving in-depth analysis on how well the Nigerian Army had performed.

What will you say about the capacity of the Boko-Haram now?

Technically, they have been defeated and the Commander of the Army disclosed that the activities of the Boko Haram has been degraded. That is true because they are not creating caliphate anymore.

The Boko-haram are not also occupying places , they have retreated back to their normal means of guerrilla warfare, hit and run, infiltrate suicide bombers in different places  and continue activities.

The terrorism in the United State is referring to is the general terrorism not just basically Boko haram, but kidnapping, arm robbery and things that are very common in the society.

Whatever is happening now, I believe we have broken the back of Boko Haram, though in a war situation everything goes, a lot of things go on all kinds of crime are being committed, by the time we got into the army, loyalty and Operational strategy of the army was imbibed.

How do you manage a situation when people within your ranks are sabotaging your efforts?

Army needs to set standards. I remember during Obasanjo regime, in peace time you set up a court martial, in war you set up a field general court martial.  We have democracy and amnesty international, under the arm forces, if you are not forecasting.

Government talks about the coming of the second Boko Haram due to the failure of the government to take care of the Internally Displaced Persons what’s your view?

 Internally displaced persons are all over the world, but in Nigeria it’s totally different, I don’t know why our own concept of emergency response is buying blanket and all that when we are to resettle them to normal life. The Red Cross is there to help us do the right thing.

How do we ensure this does not spread to other parts of the country?

The government should isolate them and do the right thing, rehabilitation. We can’t keep them in the camp for too long take them back to where they are before and allow them to farm for their family. Logically, insurgents and those land map has to be removed to resettle them. We do not have enough security to secure their settlement, it’s a big problem, resettling is not the way forward because their area has affected their life psychologically. Most of them are still in pain. Too many young people have been lost to violence.

How long do you think fighting Boko Haram will go?

It was easy to fight the civil war, because we knew where the enemy was but currently we do not know where Boko Haram members are hiding.