The combined effects of alcohol, cocaine and the powerful opioid fentanyl have been discovered to be the cause of the death of Bobby Brown Jr, the son renowned singer, Bobby Brown.

This development was revealed by an autopsy report, which was carried out after the death of the young man.

Bobby Brown Jr. who was 28 years-old before his death was found dead in his Los Angeles home in November.

A “history of alcohol and drug use” and an abrasion on his right arm was discovered  at the Los Angeles County coroner’s report obtained by CNN

The report also revealed that there was no evidence of internal injuries; rather, his death was listed as accidental.

Going memory on what led to the death of Bobby Brown Jr, the elder Brown, has been reported to have suffered from substance abuse in the past.

He also mourned the death of his former wife, superstar singer and actress Whitney Houston, in 2012.The death off his son is now the latest tragedy that has befallen the Brown family.