The release of renowned comedian, Bill Cosby from prison in the US, has prompted his accuser in an assault case, Andrea Constand to make comments on Tuesday.

Constand’s accusations led to Bill Cosby’s indecent assault conviction, but she has come out to say that   she was “really shocked” and “disappointed” when she heard the news of his release, stressing that her journey has ultimately been “worth it.”

In 2018,the comedian who is known for starring in the 1980s TV series The Cosby Show, was found guilty of drugging and molesting ex-basketball player, Constand.

Cosby’s Accuser who spoke for the first time since the comedian’s overturned conviction and released from prison in June also talked about the American justice system on NBC News’ Kate Snow, stressing that “It’s flawed” and she felt the support of other survivors.

Constand in her explanation also said, “I’ve come way too far to go back to that place, to wonder whether it’s all worth it or to have regrets,”

“It was worth it. But it was worth it because I didn’t feel alone. I had a whole community, a whole army of women and other survivors, strangers, family, friends who were right there with me.”

Speaking further, she said, “Bill Cosby walks free, but it doesn’t change the fact that my testimony was believed.”