The Founder of Silverbird group Mr Ben Murray-Bruce is about to start a series of documentaries to save and conserve Elephants in Nigeria.

His plan to save this endangered specie from going into extinction, was borne out of the fact that the dynamic creature has experienced massive decrease in population with African Forest Elephant falling by more than 86% over a period of 31 years.

Moreover, African savanna Elephants have decreased by at least 60% over the last 50 years.

Other factors can be seen from the economic point of view, considering the ones across Africa which have played massive role in ecosystem stabilization and economy growth.

The significance of this massive creature in Nigeria can be tied to Strength, Loyalty, intelligence, wisdom and good luck, which is why many corporate organizations, traditional institutions and individuals use it as their symbol.

At the moment, the effects of Elephants going into extinction has started there are only less than 400 of them, currently surviving.

Another reason for this development is that to many human activities like poaching for the illegal Ivory trade is ongoing.