Some Lagos State residents have been finding it difficult to comply with the regulations as the state government intensifies effort to enforce its  environmental and traffic laws.

Pedestrians have been forced to use the various bridges across the state instead of crossing the busy roads.

According to the government, the measure becomes imperative now, so as to save residents from being crushed by moving vehicles on the highways.

Many residents have died while trying to cross the popular Ikorodu Road and as a result, the state government has deployed men of Rapid Response Squad, RRS and Kicked Against Indispline to control human traffic on the pedestrian bridges.

However, the enforcement has resulted into a dangerous scenario in which hundreds of pedestrians have to walk on the bridge at the same time.

It was observed that the bridge could not carry the weight as it vibrates recurrently due to human traffic. 

Ojota is one of the busiest transport hubs in lagos, people heading to various destinations pass through this suburb to connect with other towns.
The state government has made the  use of  the pedestrian bridge mandatory, but it can barely accommodate the numbers of pedestrians moving to and fro.