Interestingly, the market for influencers is fast becoming one of the most effective channels to engage people in this contemporary age, especially the ones that cannot be easily reached.

Its effectiveness cuts across interaction and communication in different forms rather; transcends into business activities and cash in return.

In practical terms, trend has metamorphosed, as there are people who have who have moved from influencers to owning their own social media marketing agency.

An emerging influencer marketer, Mr Olufemi, AKA Penza and the CEO of Penzaville Africa shared his story of how he started his business as an influencer from university.

While speaking as a guest on the programme ‘’Today on STV’’, Olufemi said his social media marketing agency started with him as an influencer.

Stating further, Olufemi revealed that, when he was in the university, he had at least 1,000 contacts on his blackberry phone which he started with.

Olufemi also said being an influencer came to him naturally, sighting an example from his early life in school that, each time he sends a broadcast, people responded immediately and he got recharge cards from them as his benefit.

On Olufemi’s early life, and how the name emerged he said Penza means an Italian word for someone who is nice, friendly and popular and the meaning came from the word pen revealing that, as the first born, he bore the name Penza because his dad bore the name.

.Concerning the way Instagram algorithm works, he revealed that, the first and important thing is the content, giving an example that some people post a picture and people do not react to it because it does not appeal.

Speaking on the appropriate time to post contents, Olufemi urged people to contents in the morning and evening and sometime when people are on break in the afternoon stressing that it also depends on the target audience.

The social media marketing influencer also emphasized on the aspect he is particular about, revealing that the aspect of engagement and strategy is very important.

Coming to Olufemi’s business, he affirmed that has a staff strength of 5 people, but started as a staff with a PR firm and worked in three other companies

In his closing words, he ‘’let the cat out of the bag’’ on what made him evolve, breaking the news that, he had contacts, and he built the contacts by getting everyone involved.

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