Big Brother Naija housemates, Groovy and Phyna, have recently been involved in a misunderstanding.

The unusual occurred all through the Saturday night party on September 17, when Groovy snubbed his ‘babe’ Phyna, and she tackled him when they got back to the house.

While Groovy explained that he was in a bad mood all through, Phyna shut him up as Eloswag held and back and added that she was sure he is seeing someone else in the house.

Eloswag led Phyna into her room, she kept telling him that he messed things up between them and he was the cause of the whole drama.

According to her, Eloswag told her to give him one more week but she couldn’t.

Groovy finally attempted to settle with Phyna in the bathroom but she maintained that he had eyes for another girl in the house. They later resolved the issue at night in the HOH room