The word ‘unfortunate’ may not really fit into a situation whereby a man who is short, wants to get the best out of his dress sense because there is always a way out of the situation.

There is a dress sense suits short men, as the foremost fashion show ‘Page 3’ has put together some fashion tips specifically meant for short men. Below are some of them:

Stick To A Monochrome Palette

Because monochrome palettes have a lot to do with various colours, it is advisable to stick to a monochrome palette or combination of colours.

It is also advisable to keep the lighter colours on top and the darker colours beneath, meaning that the shirts should be a light colour while the trouser will be the darker colour.

Avoid Baggy Or Low Wasted Trouser

Baggy or low trousers are usually not fitting for short people, they do not look attractive and also make short men look older than their age.

Make Sure Your Shirt Does Not Pass Your Hip Bone

When your shirt goes past your hip bone;, it does not look attractive and fashionable any longer.

One the reason short sleeve is not advisable for short people to put on is that it will shorten the arm in appearance. Instead of a short sleeve, a long sleeve is better, because it covers the whole arm.

A Blazer Is Your Best Friend

A really fitted blazer has a lot of role to play in the dress sense of short people, a really fitted blazer will do a lot; because it will help to build up the shoulders and add more height to the person. It also makes the chest broader and the waist slimmer.

Look for the rest in the video below