Renowned Nigerian actress Tonto Dike has confessed that she was attacked by witches in her dream.

The Nollywood star narrated her experience with witches in her dream, through her Instagram stories on Monday, September 23, claiming that the witches tried to press her at night.

Tonto Dike narrating her experience stated that the incident occurred as a result of her not praying which was the reason she was attacked.

Speaking further, she said, “Woke up from the worst nightmare. Dear witches, it is not your fault, I do not blame you, people. Na me wen nor dey pray. Nay Sigh…At my age in the little kingdom little witches still, have mind to press my chest. Iyam super upset, embarrassed to say the least,”

Apart from the issue of an attack by witches, Tonto Dike has also once aired out to the public that hired assassins attacked her.

Source: Pulse