An International Organisation, Dollar Club Exclusive on Thursday said the federal government of Nigeria should stop playing politics with academic matters.

Dollar Club Exclusive while reacting to the situation of education in Nigeria, said the government of Nigeria should quickly address the demands of the Academics Staff Union of Universities and allow students to return to school.

The organisation lamented that students have forgotten what they have been taught since they have been at home doing nothing.

In reaction to the situation, the Chairman of the Organisation and former President of the Nigeria Medical Association, Dr.Jerry Oguzie, made some comments on Thursday in Uyo during a media briefing in commemoration of the burial of the association’s grand patron, Justice Ime Umana.

He said:

“We are perturbed that ASUU has been on strike for the past six months, we are perturbed that our children are no longer in school, we are worried that our children are losing what they know. The FG should address the issue and stop playing politics with that.

“It’s only in Nigeria that one will know when he enters the university without knowing when he will graduate. A course that was supposed to run for four or six years would run for six to ten years due to persistent strike action. And it’s high time the government addressed this issue once and for all.

“Then the question should be, how much is even needed to sort  ASUU out? You can imagine how much had been spent on frivolities in this country. We read recently how dollars stacked in one room, rotten, was discovered in one part of this country, so what are we talking about?”

On why ASUU has refused to shift grounds and register with the IPPIS,  Dr. Oguzie said, “it is only ASUU that is in a better position to say what is good for their members. IPPIS will not save the country from the purported corruption.

“I am a medical doctor, and no one can speak better of a health issue than us, the same is with ASUU, no one can speak better of the institution than them. ASUU knows what it wants and not for the federal government to tell them to go left or go right, they know what they are asking for and the federal government should listen to them.

“But think of it, has IPPIS saved us from the monumental corruption in the country? I expect the federal government to say, OK, give us one to five years, or thereabout to pay, but for FG to stick on the ground and say move before we move, is unacceptable. They should come to a negotiating table and resolve the issue, we are not happy as a group.”