The awareness that entertainment lawyers are becoming relevant in the entertainment industry, is fast gaining momentum in this generation.

Over time, ignorant artists that have gotten their fingers burnt concerning legal issues around entertainment can tell  better stories of how they neglected the services of entertainment lawyers.

Entertainment law is the entire legal services to the entertainment industry. It involves the application of contract, corporate, finance, torts, bankruptcy law, immigration, securities law, right to privacy, tax law, insurance law, employment and labor law and intellectual property law principles to the interactions between players in the entertainment industry.

In the view an entertainment lawyer Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, he said, artists should have their lawyer because when they started working, anything they produce is based on copyright.  

Speaking as a guest on the programme Today on STV, Mr. Akinyemi stated that sophistication and education matters a lot because when artists are educated they will understand that they need to put some things into consideration.

Legal issues arise at all stages of the creation of original works of entertainment, which spans from production stage where formal contracts are drawn to set forth the respective rights of the parties involved in an entertainment work, to the licensing and distribution stage.

Sharing his story on how he got into the legal field, he said he had passion for music, started with music, but wanted to be like 2face; but finally pitched his tent in the legal field as an entertainment lawyer.

He advised artists to be dynamic and creative because If they do not have creative control, their record label will be the one dictating on what is reigning for them.

Concerning the cost for hiring entertainment lawyers, he said one of the biggest misconception is when people think lawyers are expensive, emphasizing that there is a lawyer for artists at all level.

In his closing words he stressed that, all artists need the services of lawyer, revealing that he has rendered legal services to major Nigerian artists.