Kehinde Smith and Marek “Chinedu” Zmyslowski have not hidden the fact that they a couple, online and offline.
Kehinde is a hair brand My Extensionz and Co-founder of My Lash Extensionz while Marek Chinedu is a polish-born entrepreneur, the CEO & Founder of and (now Jumia Travel).
They post lovey-dovey messages for each other on social media like:

A woman that makes a surprise dinner is a sign of a perfect woman. @kehinde_smith

Some things never change.. Like my #WCW . @kehinde_smith ❤️

☺️ Back in Lagos. Left something! ❤️

You agree that they're super cute together, yes? Well we can't find any evidence that they even know each other on both thier Instagram pages. Could there be trouble in paradise?