American rapper, Kirshnik Khari Ball also known as Takeoff has been shot dead in Houston on Tuesday after it was alleged that the rapper and Quavo were playing dice when a gun shot broke out, hitting him.

After the incident occurred, it was confirmed that Quavo was not injured, as Houston Police also shared on their social media that the victim was found upon arrival at 1200 Polk, while 2 other people were shot and were taken to the hospital in private vehicles.

Concerning their relationship, Quavo and Takeoff are uncle and nephew, while Offset is Quavo’s cousin.

But it could be recalled that since Offset married Cardi B in 2017, he’s found his own solo success, which obviously has triggered tension within the trio.

However, as a result of his spit from his group, Quavo and Takeoff ended their relationship with Offset and they have all not been on good terms.

Meanwhile, the whole scenario about their relationships and incident has prompted comments from the public on Twitter.

More of the comments from them was channelled to the fact that Offset could not end the beef he had with his brothers before the incident happened.