Henna is a small flowering shop that has many uses and its fragrant flowers are used to make perfumes.

The leaves are dried and turned into fine powder that is used for dying clothes hair, and temporarily dying the skin, including Henna tattooing.

The exact origin of Henna is tattooing aren’t clear however the tradition dates back as far as ancient Egypt.

The art of applying Henna to clothes hair and clothes is known as Nendi and it is traditionally used for celebrations rights and passage.

According to one Henna specialist, in the olden days Henna was something thing they did do, and they were comfortable with it, compared to the modern times, that people started have negative perception about Henna.

She said the people then, used it as an art, which was especially used to express themselves.

On the varieties Henna, she expert stated that the true Henna is the Brown Henna, even though others like the white and black exist.

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