Those who predicted big Emmy wins for Orange is the New Black were a little red last night.
Despite massive buzz, a win for Uzo Aduba in the guest actress in a comedy category and the oddsmakers on their side, Netflix's female prison dramedy walked away from Monday night's Primetime Emmy Awards empty-handed, losing out in the comedy series category to five-time winner Modern Family.
But, how?
Lea DeLaria, who plays bold fan favorite Big Boo on the show, has a theory and it's one that has been much discussed this year leading up to the ceremony: the lack of a category home for a show such as Orange.
"I will say this, the Academy needs to grab a clue and get a category for dramedy," she told Mashable after the Governor's Ball Monday night. "This has been going on for too long."
Orange is the New Black — which won four Emmys total, mostly in technical categories — was entered into this race as a comedy after competing at the 2014 Golden Globes as a drama. Showtime's Shameless also made the move during nominations, which paid off in a nomination for William H. Macy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy.
"They have a category for f-cking reality television — pardon my 'f-ck' — but they don't have a category for dramedy, which has been on American television longer than reality television," DeLaria said. "That seems wrong to me, and we wouldn't have these issues about 'You're nominated in the wrong category. You're nominated in the right category.'"
The discussion about Emmy category ambiguity has arguably taken center stage this year more than ever. (Host Seth Meyers even worked in a few jabs about it during his monologue.)
In addition to Orange's move, HBO's True Detective caused a stir when it entered itself into the overall drama category rather than miniseries, a move the network defended. True Detective won five Emmys this year but only one in a major category, outstanding directing for a drama.
On the comedy side, DeLaria doesn't sour grapes about Orange's competition, though. DeLaria said Modern Family, which she considers "one of the great shows on American television," is and has been "in its own way, a groundbreaking television show."
"It's hilarious," she said. "Why shouldn't it win?"
DeLaria admits Orange's freshman status also likely didn't help its case. Season 2 debuted in June and will be entered into next year's race.
"We're the new kids on the block; it will take some time for them to get used to us," she said. "We'll see what happens next year."
The cast still had plenty to be happy about, though — namely a dozen nominations this year — and DeLaria said they intended to live it up on television's biggest night.
"This is a great celebration for us at Orange is the New Black," she said.
But how?
Without missing a beat, she replied, "an 8-ball and a couple of hookers."