The need to keep US troops in Afghanistan beyond withdrawal deadline may be considered by US President Joe Biden after promising that no American will be left behind in area.

Mr.  Biden’s plan was brought to the fore since the armed Taliban fighters decided to keep desperate evacuees from reaching Kabul’s airport.

Considering the fact that 15,000 US citizens are stranded in the country, it is the wish of Mr Biden to get US forces out by the end of this month.

Mr. Biden’s sensitivity to the situation has made him conclude that the turmoil in Kabul was unavoidable.

Meanwhile, foreign governments are ramping up the airlift of Western citizens and Afghans who worked with them, CNN reports.

At the moment, the situation has made about 4,500 US troops to be in temporary control of Karzai International Airport in the nation’s capital, even though the Taliban fighters and checkpoints ring the perimeter.

Afghans are really not finding it easy in the hands of the Taliban. They are blocking Afghans without travel documents. And those with valid authorisation are struggling to have their way.