One of the highlights of Christmas season is the appearance of Santa Claus. Kind, white bearded father that goes around with a lot of gifts for children and adults.

From schools to churches; Parks to gardens, children are always ecstatic to see the Santa Claus not only for the look but greatly for the gifs.

Memory of the birth of Jesus is a resurrection of Santa Claus. And if Jesus could give His life for men to live, the children would always query a miserly Santa Clause.

“It is the period to get gifts from “Father Christmas” a child who simply identified herself as Lola has said.

But to her, the parks are dry, churches and schools have refused to parade a Santa Claus and so the gifts are not given.

That is how bad the current economy recess has affected the Christmas. For salary earners, the wages have refused to come perhaps tomorrow and for traders, sales have seriously dropped.

The children bear the brunt anyway and in their revolt, they blame the Santa Clause for being stingy. Father Christmas is broke and lack gifts to give to children.

In some schools and amusement parks, where an annotated Santa Claus showed up, the children were asked to pay before they could get gifts. For children who could not pay, the Santa kept his gifts.

“So what makes it a gift if I must pay to get it”, a parent has queried. Mrs. Simon, however blamed the scenario on bad economy. Her view was that the new year would be better.