Only eight states have captured their poor and vulnerable on the Federal Government's Single Register database, a report of the Ministry of Finance has shown.

The 2016 report entitled “Targeting the Poor and Vulnerable in Nigeria: Use of a Single Register” reveals that the states are Bauchi, Cross River, Ekiti, Kogi, Kwara, Niger, Osun and Oyo. According to the report, the data was collected by the Youth Employment and Social Support Operations (YESSO) unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the World Bank.

The register is meant to be the basis for selecting beneficiaries for targeted intervention programmes such as public workfare, skills for job and conditional cash transfers. So far, the register has a total of 1,435 communities and 35,561 households made up of 190,235 individuals from eight states alone.

In the report, the indices to determine the poor and vulnerable include “unable to eat properly’’, “always in tattered clothes’’, “unable to send children to school’’ and “live in poor housing units’’.

The programme uses a combination of targeting methods, including geographical targeting, community-based targeting and the application of a “proxy means test’’.

The report showed that in gathering the data, the six poorest local government areas in each state were identified and once there, the poor and vulnerable were identified through community gatherings.