Looking good might be good business but smelling good also plays a major role in how one is perceived.

You may wear the most expensive outfit from head down but what impression do people get when they come close to you, good or bad?

Here are a few tips to ensure that you smell as good as you look without choking others.

– Make sure you scrub your body with a sponge while bathing. This will help get rid of some dead skin on the surface of your body. Do well to use a good smelling soap too.

– Your underarm must be well kempt because it's no news that hair traps sweat and you won't want that.

– Go for long lasting underarm products. There are a lot in the market but make sure you don't get something pungent.

– Perfumes! Your perfume can be referred to as your signature smell. One way to make it stay longer is by gently applying vaseline on your pulse points before spraying.

– Wash your clothes and allow them dry properly. When you wear clothes for long hours and you sweat on it, resist the urge to hang them back in your wardrobe.

– One way to keep smelling fresh throughout the day is to have a little bottle of your perfume close by just to freshen up at least once during the day.