Majek Fashek said amongst the young artist in this generation, he is connecting with just 2face Idibia because he is a spiritual boy.

Speaking as a guest on Today on STV, the musician who has just celebrated 30 years on stage also said that he is happy to be alive and cannot die because he is “Orisa”, meaning Idol.

He said he identifies with just 2face Idibia as the only recognized artist in this generation because they did the song “Holy Spirit” together.

He stated further that there is a difference between a “musician” and an “artist”, explaining that he is not a now artist but a futuristic artist that sees the vision in the future.

He said young boys singing in this generation are called “Artist” while he and his masters, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti and Bob Marley are “Musicians”.  

He also said the boys are making money and they are making money more than musicians like him, that take the sound and message seriously.

He said his sound is not just commercial sound, unlike the young boys in this generation that commercialize and make commercial sound, which is called “Come and Go”.

He said the celebration is a symbol that he has paid his international dues, touring the United States with Tracy Chapman, and doing shows with Jimmy Creves and Michael Jackson, emphasizing that he is not upcoming artist.