The Coronavirus cases reported in the camp of the Pharaohs of Egypt has prompted reported a delayed in their departure for the Africa Cup of Nations and cancellation of their training.

The seven times African champions were supposed to depart on Friday but will now fly to Cameroon on Saturday.

This development was revealed by coach Carlos Queiroz who said, “Unprecedented times. The more the situation becomes difficult, the more we stay together and strong.”

Meanwhile, the number of cases and identities of those who have tested positive have not been disclosed as the Nations Cup starts on Sunday, with Egypt facing Nigeria in their first Group D match on Tuesday (16:00 GMT).

Queiroz’s in his message also stated that, “Better we stand together and focus on what we need to do to meet the challenges,”

“Dear Friends and Team Mates, we all pray for your health, wishing fast recovery and return to our Team.”

Egypt are the latest side to be affected by coronavirus cases before the tournament.