The President of Silverbird Group Ben Murray Bruce says Nigerians must be just and fair to each other, and shun rigging.

He made this statement during the fascinating 2018 prestigious Silverbird ‘’Man of The Year’’ Award, which has took place at Eko Hotel on the 3rd of February, 2019, reminding them that their legacy will last longer than their position.

Speaking, during his captivating speech in the Award ceremony, Ben Murray Bruce stated that, if one is destined to win, he will win; urging Nigerians not to hurt each other’s chances by rigging; stressing that anyone who rig election will lose.

Bruce, while welcoming guests and dignitaries that graced the occasion, said, he is honoured to be in an event with such magnificent people, revealing that, Nigerians chose the winners, not him.

The former senator also showered praises on dignitaries like: the man of the moment, governor Okowa; giving him accolades for conducting credible elections in Porthacourt.

The presidential candidate of PDP Atiku Abubakar, was not left out as Bruce reminded him of his resilience and good works, from the time he was the vice president, till this moment.

Governor Dickson also got showers of encomiums form Ben Murray Bruce, who referred to him as a dynamic man because he is a Lawyer, a governor and he was once in the police force.

Concerning the 2019 Presidential interview involving the PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, and vice presidential candidate Peter Obi 2019, Bruce stated that fairness was not expressed by Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), and Buhari’s administration.

Comparing his tenure as the former Director General NTA, to the present tenure, the former DG of NTA Ben Bruce stated that he was transparent, revealing an instance where he gave former NLC chairman, Adams Oshiomole opportunities for advert that speak against government ill practices.

Going memory lane with vivid examples of rigging in 1983, Bruce revealed that the presidential interview between Obafemi Awolowo and Shehu Shagari was biased, and unfair; comparing the situation to the case of PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar and vice presidential candidate Peter Obi, during their recent interview on NTA

Speaking further about fairness, Bruce also revealed another unfair and biased practice giving an example of how people told government of what they want to hear, thereby losing their sense of reasoning.

On the reason some parastatals don’t exist any longer, he revealed that government has not been able to tell the truth and stick to fairness, giving an example of new Nigeria, stressing that they do what government tells them to do.

In his closing words, he urged Nigerians to be fair saying that, ‘’your legacy will last longer than your position’’