People look up to a New Year with different hopes, aspiration, belief, plans and projections. While it has become a culture for some people to make a change about their bad life or improve on their right ways, many do not buy into the idea.

They see it as taboo, which may not necessarily change their course of destiny. A good example is Mr.  Sunnybill. According to him, the idea of New Year, new resolution has nothing with what will come as a challenge to man within the year. He said,” Whatever comes within the year, whatever challenges comes my way I accept and face such challenge, but I don’t believe in resolution.

As he put it, “What is the essence of a resolution that can’t last for two weeks?  Some people will just make their resolution plans and after two weeks they are back to their habit, so why should I make resolution when I will still go back to my old ways of doing things?.

To Victoria Pepple, her resolution was to make more money in the face of recession. ”I want to make money, I have to leave a fantastic life, I want to have fun am still young and my teeth are complete, go on the beach somewhere and have fun, go to Paris ,go shopping and many more is what am looking forward to in this year  2017.”

To Agohgoh, his resolution was to be good to people so that people can be nice to him.

In his resolution, Kanmi Olatoye would like to convert the disadvantage in the period of recession to advantage, adding that recession is only in the mind.

For Anthony Emmanuel, his resolve was to engage in evangelism, saying that he would like to speak more about the word of God to his colleagues. He said, “We as Christians should be able to read our Bible and I will try as much as possible to evangelize which take the grace of God.

However David has a dissenting comments, saying he doesn’t make resolution. “I make and project an outlook, so my outlook for 2017, I look forward to look inward, to sharpen my outlook my skills. I will be working more on my talent, gift, be ready to make more money and move closer to God.

Tagbo Ijeoma: expressed herself by stating her projections into the New Year is to be passionate about what she is doing at present. “What I want to accomplish is to be a better person, to improve my public speaking skills, to bring down to my university FUTO the biggest innovation submit, and to make more money and to make a lot of investment and look forward to this year been the best.


By Ogundipe Elizabeth (In House Intern from University Of Lagos)