Created By Obaro Alordiah

1)    Traditional meals

Yes traditional meals are still eaten, I mean there are quite a lot of Nigerians living in the UK now so even if it cant be made at home there are plenty Nigerian restaurants to find your best home cooked meals. We can’t forget rice and stew of course, many of us eat this everyday to be precise. 

2)    Part time job is necessary 
Being a student especially away from home has its advantages and disadvantages. Although it teaches you to be independent this comes along with sometimes being able to fend for yourself. Meaning getting a part time job. 

3)    Driving on the left side
Not a lot of countries drive on the left and UK is one of them unfortunately, apparently the reason is because it was the most sensible option for feudal, violent societies. 

4)     “You’re African”
There’s nothing wrong with this statement but quite a lot of people confuse Africa for a country instead of a continent. Whenever this question gets asked your expecting them to say ‘oh where in Africa?’, but that doesn’t happen.

5)    Working overtime
Sometimes working extra hours or days has to be done to pay bills, groceries, mortgage etc. One thing I’ve realised about working in the UK is the amount of overtime that is done. Working 7 days a week is this healthy? I don’t think so plus working that much where’s the time to actually spend the money?

6)    Paying Mortgage/Tax
This is probably one of the biggest factors in living in the UK, an average house in the UK costs £191,812 (N54,327,379.02). Most average workers cannot afford to pay this upfront so have to take out a mortgage which can take many years to pay. Paying tax is another factor that has to be done, the more you earn the more tax you pay!

7)    Nigerians are everywhere
One thing about living in the UK is wherever you turn its not hard to spot a Nigerian. Nigerians are everywhere…. Literally!!!

8)    There’s nothing like street food
Getting street food in the UK is not the same as getting it in Nigeria. I love how in Nigeria you can get up and once you get outside there’s plenty of delicious meals to get. However, in the UK this is possible, but its just not the same. 

9)     Weather
You can never predict British weather, well lets just say half of the year is cold and for the rest it’s a rollercoaster. Summer is supposed to be hot with the sun beaming, but for England sometimes you can never tell, it could be raining throughout the whole summer! 

10)    London is expensive 
London is one of the most expensive cities to live in, so as beautiful as London is it comes with a price.