Philip Atume

The Rivers State Police Commissioner, Mr. Zaki Ahmed said the Police have challenges in the areas of Kidnapping, Cultism and Armed robbery.

Speaking as a guest on the program Today on STV, he said the Police are doing their best by taking the battle out of the hideouts of the criminals by fighting crime and criminality.

He said the case of the murder suspect who allegedly escaped from prison is an isolated one and also an individual negligence on the side of the policeman in charge of the case.

He also said the situation is an unfortunate one, but action has been taken and the police officer involved has been suspended, faced trial, dismissed and charged to court.

He said the Rivers State Police have been fighting crimes in all its ramifications, especially with regards to Governor Nyesom Wike’s accusation of the Police in Rivers State, instigating kidnapping and promoting crimes.

He stated that the Police are taking serious preventive measures by employing the principle of community policing, by collaborating with members of the public to stop crimes in Rivers State.

He also said the Police have been fighting crimes and criminality in all its ramifications, with an arrest of 160 kidnappers, 228 suspects, and recovery of arms and ammunition.

He said the Rivers State Police can be given pass mark and they have been calling press conferences to showcase their case and the achievement they have been making.

He said to curb the issue of kidnapping in Rives State; the Police are working hand in hand with other security agencies to have a strong synergy to win over the war against kidnappers.

He revealed that in the area of security apparatus, funding is one of the major challenges the Rivers State Police  are facing, but the little they are have, they are utilizing it for the benefit of the society.

He said the Police have also adopted community policing to fight crimes and criminality, and members of the public should cooperate with the police with information to fight criminality in all its ramifications

He said to fight crime; the Rivers State Police usually meet with all the security agencies monthly, weekly, and on daily basis.

 He also said in terms of facilities, there cannot be enough funding and man power, because the ratio of United Nations is 400 people per policeman.

He stated that concerning the ritual killing and cultism in Rivers State, all the people involved have been arrested and brought to book.

In conclusion, he said security is everybody’s business and the public should stop being antagonistic to the police but rather help the Police Force to provide effective security.