Mr. Roy Okhidievbie a security consultant said terrorism is a cowardly act because the opponent disguises and blends with innocent victims.

Speaking as a guest on “Today on STV” he said toning down on opportunities of attack is where vulnerabilities are being exploited.

He stated that In the East and South, a lot of youths are out of school, jobs, no education and no proper upbringing due to the decadence that has been raging the country.

He said so many political parties may use them as hoodlums and can also divert their attention to cause mayhem.

He revealed that the vulnerable girls are where there is “fire power” and it is easy to just work on their psyche because the first thing is to make them feel useless.

He said in ideology change; when one feel useless it gives the person hope in a wrong direction.

He said further that an example is when they are told that they need to die and go to heaven and heaven becomes like a fairy tale. 

He also said the pain that is being felt all round the world is the target, and the target of terrorism is to cause world sympathy.

He revealed that lack of information flow and concentration in urban areas have removed the attention of security agencies from very vast land mass and water ways, that have not been mapped out. 

He advised Internal agencies and citizens to be on top the game to be able to identify where they are communicating their ideology and reveal such attempts where they are trying to recruit members.

He said government should look for one who has access to communicate with the victims in their own dialect, custom, religion and tradition. 

He said further that the essence is to communicate that there is a threat to change their ideology, to create anarchy.

He related the major problem of Boko Haram’s target on civilians to Porosity of Nigerian border and the Nigerian military is totally against an invisible army.

He concluded, saying that the fight is not on the side of international rules of engagement but on guerrilla warfare.