Dr. Ige Olajide said their negotiation with government is not about what they want but what they deserve.

Speaking as a guest on "Today on STV" the President, Association of Resident Doctors National Orthopedic Hospital said the major thing at stake is the non-payment of salaries. 

He said for the first few months of the year, a number of them scattered around the country have been getting factions of salaries and there is no reason why that should be.

 He stated that between January and now, the national president has been trying to resolve the problem but some of the salaries from November last year are still yet to be paid.

He said the issue of Government paying their salaries is more of an issue of priority even though recession is in the country.

He also said an example of colleagues in state government like Lautech Ogbomosho has not gotten full salary for eighteen months. 

He revealed that despite the non-payment of salaries, many of them come to work, Saturdays and Sundays included, work for long hours and give their best

He said the stated demands are for the betterment of his people because a happy worker is the best they will like to have and they need to look after themselves before they look after others.

He also said the revitalized training programmme is about setting out guidelines that every hospital has to follow which are:  conditions of service, duration of stay and` opportunities of acquiring training. 

In his final words, he concluded with the consequences of the strike for the patients which he said will include delays in getting optimum care, some of them will develop complications from this delay because there won’t be enough staff on ground to do the job.