The Nigerian army has invaded the Abia state council of the Nigerian Union of Journalist secretariat on Aba road yesterday morning.

The incident occurred during the "Python Dance II", which is meant to discipline violent agitators, kidnappers and hoodlums in the South East. 

The journalists took to their windows and balcony to catch a glimpse of the soldiers who were passing by.

The soldiers also claimed they saw somebody taking photos of them from the building, so they invaded the building. 

They destroyed phones and Ipads belonging to two journalists and a national leader in the office was also attacked.    

The chairman of the council, Mr John Emejor expressed his disappointment over the incident. He also requested that the culprits be fished out and punished. 

Photos of the damaged office have been sent to the Assistant Director, Army public Relations, 14 Brigade Major Oyegoke Gbadamosi.