By Rita Obi    

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has reacted to the statement surrounding the rumour about the president's trip to the US.  

He urged Nigerians to disregard any news credited to his name saying he does not have a Twitter or Facebook account.  

The minister said the information was disseminated through a fake twitter account with his name and the video is an old NTA video.  

Here are some twitter handles bearing his name (@mohammed_lai, @laimohammed124, @laimohammed1, @alh_laimohammed, @laimohammed and @mohammedlai). Some of them have been taken down by twitter with the claims of the minister.

Nigerians have reacted negatively to the statement made by the minister. They have been sceptical to believe and have expressed their disbelief.  

How can you be Minister for Information and you don't have a Facebook and Twitter Account in this age Mr. Lai (aka Liar) Mohammed???

— Jackson Ude (@jacksonpbn) September 4, 2017


A times i just wonder if your party stands for the poor masses.The same social media that aid ur victory is now an enemy. Shame on APC

— Dosumu Adedayo (@adedayo_dosumu) August 30, 2017


The same social media that brought your government to power? mind you this is the last time you are ever gonna smell power in this country.

— inibeghe imeh (@inibeghe_imeh) August 30, 2017

Nigeria today relies more on social media for information because it is news at your doorstep. You don't have to go to the news stand to buy newspaper or wait for PHCN to restore the light before one can get news.

In this 21st century, the relevance of social media to the government cannot be over emphasized.  

The social media is an interactive platform that is used to pass information across. It is also the fastest means of disseminating information to a large scattered heterogeneous audience.  

The government needs social media to pass information, give updates on current happenings, and share live clips.  

It is also a means of getting feedback from the public and to know if they are meeting the demands of the citizens.  

It is absurd for a person charged with the responsibility of dispersing information across the country not to be utilising the various communication mediums/channels.  

The federal government should embrace social media as one of the platforms for disseminating information.