Ify Onyegbule-Anderson said the social media is moving away from the tool it supposed to be and has become something to settle silence cause.

Speaking on “Today on STV” the media consultant said her “identity theft” story on the social media has her cost some sort of irreparable damage advising people to look at what the social media is becoming.

She stated that she had calls coming in from members of her family from different places of the world to find out the truth.

She stressed that it was a rude shock to her when someone picked her picture added it to an audio and started forwarding it to everyone.

She said the last time she had something close to this issue was when she received threat calls from people concerning her programme, during her days as an on air personality.

She made it known that she has gotten to a stage in her life whereby a lot of things don’t matter to her any longer and nothing shakes her because she is not touched.

She also said there are very mischievous people all over the place, giving an example of a young lady that a nude picture was used to represent her on the social media.

She said she is going about her work and the issue does not stop her in any away because, nothing shakes her and she stands like a rock.

She said also that the situation will die after a while but advised the person who did it to go and repent, emphasizing that, “when one does something, it will definitely come back to the person.”

She concluded with a reminder that journalism is becoming an all commerce affair whereby charlatans are taking over the business, and it may not be possible to “separate the wheat from the chaff” because everyone is now a journalist.