Philip Atume

The Nigeria Police has frowned at the report of the National Bureau of Statistics for ranking it the most corrupt institution in Nigeria.

The Force Public Relations Officer Mr. Jimoh Moshood said the report on “Nigeria Police as the highest bribe taker” is based on hearsay from people on the street.

Speaking as a guest on “Today on STV”, he said the report has no substance of truth in it; it is speculative and not something people should work on.

He said also that the report itself does not actually represent the true situation of things in the Nigeria Police Force and he does not have any option than to reject the report.

He said the Inspector General of Police has set up a team and committee to meet with the United Nations ODC, the country rep and those from the Nigerian Bureau of statistics to look critically at other issues that are highlighted in the report.

He stated that Corruption is a personal thing and not an institutional thing, and there is police formation division spread across the whole country to fight corruption and crime.

He said police activities at the grass root level concerning the ordinary man getting justice has to do with perception and that he has a feeling  the people.

He stressed that a lot of reports about the police are not correct and on the other hand they are not saints.

 He encouraged Nigerians to be law abiding citizens, lodge their complaint, and it will be dealt with.

He said the culture of the people determine how they are policed. And when people are law abiding, it enhance and assist them in doing their job more than the way they are doing it.

He also said any instance of police officer collecting bribe should be reported to the nearest police station and it will be addressed.

He revealed that the Nigeria Police, the media and community, are partners in the duty to ensure that the community is safe.

He said it is in correction of this that the Inspector General of Police flagged Nigeria Police Public Relations School at Abuja.

 He stated further that Police officers from the lower level and other commanding officers will be trained in that school, to ensure that their behavior conform to the rule of law of the society.

He said The Nigeria Police is working in public interest and any organization that is working in the interest of the public t is subject to public opinion

In in closing words he said fighting corruption in this administration has greatly improved and will be sustained.