Philip Atume

The Health and Managed Care Association of Nigeria has identified the “failure of regulation” as the actual problem affecting the growth of health insurance today, in Nigeria.


Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, the Publicity Secretary of the association Mr. Lekan Ewenla said, “Health, being on the concurrent list in our constitution is another challenge.”


He said the ideal thing the state would have done is to create State Support Insurance Agency, and cascade Health insurance to the state and local government just as the federal government did for civil servants at the federal level.


Dr. Gabriel Udoh, another guest on the programme, shared his view of the problem affecting National Health Insurance Scheme as" insufficient drive” and  “vision” to encourage more Nigerians to enroll for the scheme.


The Vice Chairman, Guild of Medical Directors, Abuja Chapter also said, ”another problem facing Health Insurance is the  poor wages that Nigerians receive; which is the reason they cannot pay for health services.”


He also said that health care should be made mandatory for everybody; and where they cannot be able to pay, Government at the state and local level should pay for them.

He stated further that budget and policy implementation, should be made to include the vulnerable groups and those who cannot pay for health services.


Reacting to the question of the gap between the rich and the poor concerning affordable health care, he said the rich can afford the services while most poor people cannot.


He said the health insurance scheme is a win -win for everybody, but critical stakeholders and those who care about Nigerians need to look inwards and know that all that is needed to run the system is available.


Concerning the question of a modern approach to solve health care scheme problems, Dr Lekan Ewenla in his closing words said, “Robust ICT platform and approach should be introduced and the manual approach should be faced out.