In 2012, Psy's infectious "Gangnam Style" became the most-watched video ever, with 2,894,653,630 views to date. Finally, its reign has ended, and the crown has been passed on. 

Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth is now the most-watched clip on YouTube. The emotional ballad scores Furious 7  and nods to the late Paul Walker. It just goes to show that there is no set trend for mass media consumption. 

Puth expressed his gratitude on Twitter, as the 2015 song elevated all of his career, expectations and actually led the streaming platform to rewrite its codes to accommodate for the incredible amount of views on both videos fighting for the top spot. 

Billboard explains that YouTube's code initially (only) allowed for 2,147,483,647 on one given video — which "Gangnam Style" overtook in late 2014. But now, you can watch the sorrowing and infectious dance up to 9 quintillion times. Or share 4.5 quintillion views with "See You Again." Your call. 

Korean artist Psy confessed in 2013 that he was equally shocked by the success of "Gangnam Style," dubbing his viral hit as an 'accident':

"'Gangnam Style' was not normal. 'Gangnam' was not standard – that was an accident and accidents don’t happen often."

With the likes of Gaga and Bieber coming before him, Psy saw a sensational response around the world to his seemingly random craze which still creeps up on us at family parties when you'd least expect it.

Whether you agree or not with its success, the world can rest in peace as the online world has evolved and YouTube has moved on five years later with a new victor of mass streaming.