Juliet Kego Ume-Onyindo, engineer and leadership coach who is a regular commenter on social change with her Twitter page. She says what lots of people either think and don't comment about or just dont bother to talk about. 
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When anyone is raped, especially a child, please stop sharing the victim's pictures???? The shame belongs to the rapist. Share their pictures!

This tweet is specifically triggered by a sick/horrific rape of a 6month old girl! And  rape of 2 preteen boys(one now dead)?? Tougher Laws!??

On a state by state basis, we need tougher laws for rape, especially rape of children. It is getting out of hand. Too many broken families!??

There was another unconfirmed report of a senator's son who allegedly raped his gateman's child. Pls report rape cases to different agencies

When influential folks abuse power & rape/sexually assault, they often go free.We can change all that.Shatter the Silence no matter how long

No matter how many years it takes, rape cases can be followed up on. We have too many sexual predators/perpetrators/rapists in high places!??

I'm just sick and tired or seeing people who should be behind bars/shamed in society in top positions/respected/continuing perverted acts!!

Go to pry/sec schools, speak with students & be shocked! Our children are dying in silence. Parents pls create safe/trust zones 4 your kids.

From field work over the yrs, these are most vulnerable to rape -Kids(boys/girls) on streets begging/hawking + Housemaids + Undergraduates!??

I'll keep asking this of all govts -When will we radically REFORM our police?We need a professional force to handle these complex challenges

As of today, rape victims+their families still get asked for bribe aka mobilization fee by Police!! What is wrong with our sense of values??

There are only few structured support services 4 victims of rape especially children and their families. No structured psychosocial support!

In a nation where folks are looting/hiding $ in bunkers & apartments??each senatorial zone cannot boast of professionally run crisis centres?

There're so many great organizations doing the best they can re the rape spectrum but many governments-past/present, have been so apathethic.