By Ayodele Olayimika


Fete de la Musique or in english World Music Day is a day where all musicians from various genres,all ages , experienced and amateurs come together to perform at different public places. 

The World Music Day was first proposed by American artiste Joel Cohen in 1976 but was first incorporated in France as a national day of importance before other countries adopted the culture. Today also marks the beginning of summer solstice i.e the longest day of the year.

Another theory of how the day came about was involving the French minister of culture in 1982, Jack Lang who was inspired by the study of how music could have impact on people.It was a way for him to bring out people to the streets to celebrate music.

Though we see music as a way to inspire people, we also look at music in a therapeutic way form as a way to heal. Here are some ways music therapy works:

-It improves attention 

-It can be very motivating 

-When we sing together , it brings us together 

-It enhances learning 

-Music alleviates our mood

-Music helps to reduce side effects of cancer therapy. It has been proven that listening to music helps to reduce anxiety associated with chemotheraphy and radiotherapy.

This day is a day to go enjoy the summer out with good food, drinks,listen to different music from various artistes, make friends and mingle, dance and just have fun to the fullest.